We don't deliver you a construction site webcam...

We showcase your construction!

...with high-resolution webcams in photographic quality

Construction presentation, construction monitoring & construction documentation to perfection

Hi-Res Webcam

Our camera systems are the heart of our outstanding image quality.

They are compact and robust like a CCTV-camera, but thanks to particularly large sensors, high-end optics and perfect control they produce images like high-end cameras.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, they are used for our customers worldwide - around the clock and unaffected by external influences.


  •      23 Megapixel
  •      35 Megapixel
  •    +60 Megapixel

Image Quality

  • Color reproduction
  • Contrast
  • Day + Night


  •  Self-sufficient
  •  Maintenance-free
  •  Function monitoring


  •  Cellular Broadband UMTS|LTE
  •  LAN / Wi-Fi
  •  DSL / VDSL

Web Interface

Access at any time, anywhere and from every device. Without software installation, directly through your browser. No loading and waiting times at full image quality - even with mobile devices.

Various authorization levels, many additional functions as well as delay-free processing of any number of simultaneous users and viewers are the guarantee for efficient work and unadulterated external presentation. Special wishes? Our software development makes it possible.


  • Browser-based
  • Device-independent
  • PC / Phone / Tablet


  • Zoom + Archive
  • Hotspots + Favorites
  • Fast Motion


as requested
  • Authorization levels
  • User groups
  • Extern & Intern


  • Self-explanatory
  • Instantaneous
  • Customizable to CI


Huge photos - huge amounts of data. With our know-how - no problem. We make no compromises with access times & availability, data security & information protection. Your data is located in one of the most powerful and secure data centers in Germany. The high-availability environment, consisting of two data centers spatially separated from one another with identical, mirrored technology and data storage, protects what is important to us: Your data.


Waiting time is a foreign word for us. Our systems have nearly inexhaustible power reserves through uninterrupted vertical as well as horizontal scale-out. Storage and data throughput assets are therefore always a step ahead of your project’s needs and the number of users and viewers has no influence on loading times.


We bring your pictures and videos to where you need them. Whether via our own web interface directly onto the screen or via special interfaces automated into existing structures. Integration into social media, project management, BIM or Intranet is standard for us. You need an interface that we have not yet offered? Then we will create it for you.


You are looking for a solution that brings value and benefits, but not much effort. That is why we offer our strictly full-service approach, from planning up to dismantling, all the services necessary to draw attention to you project.

Project planning

Perfect planning is the foundation for a successful project. We find the right location for our systems and sort out their availability. We collect any necessary permits, and communicate the project to stakeholders.


In the field of industrial assembly, qualified specialists install the cameras on site. Strictly according to planning and specification. Roof mounted or positioned on our own masts - we guarantee a smooth procedure and perfect execution.


We ensure trouble-free operation over the entire service life. Each camera is integrated into a powerful monitoring system. The continuous transmission of a large number of operating parameters and their automated evaluation enable the fastest response times and prevent failures.


The in-house development of hardware and software allows us to meet your requirements individually and quickly. You need an API for data exchange? An integration in your BIM? An automated preparation of time-lapses including transfer to a CMS? Collaboration with advertising agencies and the press? We’ll do it.


After completion of the recording period, all installations will be dismantled by us. At the location we are now no longer visible, but are still there for you. Manual time-lapse production, data transfer according to special requirements, further cooperation with advertising agencies - we look forward to the additional time.

We not only produce you a high-quality time-lapse or image film for the end of the project - adorned with air shots and clips. You receive a daily new, automated, and reprocessed time-lapse in full HD or 4K. This way, you can present your project in a moving image every day that is always up-to-date.

On daily basis

up to date
  • in full HD or 4k
  • in desired dimensions
  • automatically reworked


to your marketing
  • customized to CI
  • simple to integrate
  • simple to share

Hi.Res.Cam is a founder-managed company with headquarters in Weinheim, Germany.

Through our experience in project management as well as the integrated development of hardware and software, we are able to implement customized solutions economically and quickly.

Worldwide, customers rely on our technical qualities as well as our know-how in project handling during the presentation, documentation and monitoring of their building sites, industrial and machine buildings, locations and much more.

Die Geschäftsführer, Florian Jakob und Alexander Pel
Managing Directors, Florian Jakob und Alexander Pel
How to reach us:

Hi.Res.Cam GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 25
69469 Weinheim

+49 (0) 6201 2499244

+49 (0) 6201 2499245


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